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Library catalog
Bloomsburg High School library catalog
American History
This is the research app for American History.
American Government
This research app has information about the U.S. government.
Daily Life
This research app has information on culture throughout history.
World History
This is the research app for modern world history.
Issues & Contro.
This research app provides information about debatable topics.
Bloom's Literature
This research app has critical essays, biographies, character entries, synopses, images, & videos.
Power Library
Contains Gale research apps, Contemporary Authors, & other research apps
World Book
This is the World Book Online multimedia encyclopedia.
Discovery Ed
This is learning app has thousands of videos and resources in science, math, social studies, health, etc.
MackinVIA ebooks
Search and read the collection of non-fiction current issues books for research. Use your Google login.
This is research app will help you organize and cite your research. See spreadsheet above for login details.
Purdue Owl
This resource has information on MLA 8 citations.
Ask Here PA
Chat with a PA Librarian 24/7
Sweet Search
Search engine with resources selected by teachers
Wolfram Alpha
Answer engine for anything that deals with numbers or data.
Access PA
Search PA school, public, & academic libraries for resources for Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
This is a graphic organizer tool. See link to spreadsheet above for login and upgrade information.
Search free Creative Commons images
Photos for Class
Search free Creative Commons images
Career Cruising
Self-exploration and planning tool for college & career plans.
CIA World Factbook
Current info. & history of countries
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