UPDATE: eBooks and eAudiobooks

While school is out, you can continue to check out the BHS and BMS Libraries eBooks and eAudiobooks collection on MackinVIA (or download the MackinVIA app on your computer, phone, or tablet from its app store). If needed, directions to access can be found on the Bloom Tech Guides under "Library" (scroll to the bottom). When logging on, search for Bloomsburg, select your school, and log on with your BASD Google account. To help during this challenging time, Mackin has allowed us to add over 700 classic books to the HS eBook collection and 400+ classics to the MS collection for FREE through December 2020.


UPDATE: Another 2,000+ eBooks have been added to the HS eBook collection and 3,000+ to the MS eBook collection until the end of September.


Thank you, Mackin!

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